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Character Sheet

Frog Prince
A sweet and somewhat naive boy trapped in the body of a frog. His fondest wish is to become a normal boy again, but that can only happen with a kiss from a girl. He is friendly and outgoing to those around him, but easily becomes nervous when things go unexpectedly. He sometimes feels sadness that he is unpopular and often turns to others for guidance.

He is quick-tempered and has a low tolerance for stupidity. He has rigid expectations for the way life around him should operate and is frustrated when it doesn’t go the way he would like. He is truthful to a fault because of his obvious weakness for lying.

She is the most popular girl in school. She’s preppy, self-absorbed, and also quite vain. She believes she can do no wrong in the eyes of her classmates. To maintain her status, she shuns the likes of Pinocchio or Frog Prince.

Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood is the smartest girl in school. She is strong and confident. She and Rapunzel do not get along well, but she is friendly with Pinocchio and Frog Prince.

Little Pig #3
He is not the brightest bulb in the box. He understands very little about what goes on around him, and yet still manages to annoy his peers to the point where they can’t tolerate him. He’ll never be well liked, but likely will never know the difference.

She is the second most popular girl in school. On the surface she is friends with Rapunzel, but is willing to double-cross her at any time just to become number one.

Humpty Dumpty
He’s a skater punk with an eyebrow ring and spiked hair. He’s fearless and has a major attitude.

Peevish, conniving, and extremely selfish, Rumpelstiltskin prides himself in his nasty demeanor. He takes what he wants, when he wants it, and thoroughly enjoys the process.

Big Bad Wolf
Wolf is the town bully that everyone loves to hate. His greatest amusement is to embarrass, annoy, and beat up on others. Wolf’s favorite victim is Little Pig #3, but he ensures everyone gets their fair share of abuse.

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