So I did this Girl Scouts cookies gag a few weeks ago.  Little Pig #3 talks about how much he loves Girl Scouts cookies, ordered a year’s worth of cookies and then it all ends with a funny punchline (at least I thought it was funny).  The interesting thing is that it’s actually me speaking through Little Pig #3, because I (like most of America) love Girl Scouts cookies.  My favorite has always been Samoas, but I just got a chance to try out their new cookie, Savannah Smiles, and I now I have another favorite.

Okay, so bottom line — Do I like Savannah Smiles cookies as much as Samoas? No, but they are a close second.  The cookie has a very lemony taste — almost as if someone took lemonade flavoring and injected it into a gingerbread cookie.  It’s pretty yummy… and just like Little Pig #3, I don’t think I’ll want to share them.

This time of year when Girl Scout cookies are being sold I tend to only order Samoas.  Why would I order something else when I only want to eat my favorite?  Well, this year I decided that I’ll be ordering a mix of Samoas and Savvanah Smiles.  Besides, cookies make an excellent snack to munch on when you’re cartooning.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my advertisement for Girl Scout cookies.  I should get paid for this.