It’s been two years in the making, but I’m proud to announce that the newest Suburban Fairy Tales book collection is out now on Amazon! The book is titled All’s Fair in Love and Wolves and collects Suburban Fairy Tales comics that ran from August 2020-August 2022. There are a bunch of bonus comics and other fabulous funnies sprinkled throughout the book, which are all exclusive to the print (and Kindle) editions! This books centers on the budding romance between two of the most unlikely characters  — Wolfette and Little Pig #3!

It only costs $10 for the print edition and $9 for the Kindle edition. Picking up a copy really helps to support my work and allows me to continue making future Suburban Fairy Tales comics. If you like the book, please also consider leaving a review on Amazon. It helps potential readers know that it’s worth picking up!

Thanks to all my current readers who made this possible! Get the book here!