Since Suburban Fairy Tales came off hiatus I started to ink the strip differently.  It’s very subtle, so I doubt anyone has really taken notice, but I personally really like the new look and it makes inking more fun!

In the past I would ink my work mainly with a Micron felt tip pen and then I would touch it up with a Pentel brush pen.  I decided to move almost exclusively to the Pentel brush pen.  Sure, it smudges more easily and I have to keep a more steady hand, but I’m really liking the payoff and the added fluidity to the strip.  I still keep the Micron pens around for really small things here and there, but they’ve taken a major backseat to the brush pens.

Everyone has their own way of inking and I thought I would share mine.  If you’re planning to draw a comic (or are already drawing one) give a brush pen a try and see what you think.  You might like the look it gives your work.