I have a response to the comments I received from some readers via email:

Insane Forest is an experiment in tastelessness.

I always wanted to try my hand at something that is purposefully crude to see how well I could pull it off.  There are many cartoons and comics that are able to find a huge audience despite (or because of) crude humor and violence.  Would my attempt at such humor be better or worse than my past work?  Would it be a huge success or would it be a complete failure?  Can I keep it fresh or will I start to rely on violence as a crutch?  You never know unless you try.  Insane Forest is something I needed to draw, experiment with, and ultimately get out of my system.

That said, I believe Insane Forest is funny.  It won’t rely on violence for everything, nor will every strip be filled with potty humor.  As the series continues, scenarios will evolve and characters will grow — it’s inevitable.  I would rather not continue to hemorrhage readers as the series finds its footing, but I understand if such humor doesn’t appeal to everyone.  Stick with it for a few weeks until it reaches its stride.  With any luck a majority of you might start to really enjoy it just in time for it to end and Suburban Fairy Tales to return.