I’ve got a new story out now in Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #323 featuring Bingo Wilkin! For those of you not familiar, Bingo is Jughead’s cousin and lead singer of a band called the Bingoes. The character was introduced in 1969 in a comic series titled That Wilkin Boy and ran through the 80s. Recently, a darker tale was released by Archie Horror titled Cult of that Wilkin Boy, which is a great read and I highly recommend checking out. However, my take on Bingo Wilkin takes a more lighthearted approach and fits in well with classic Archie! Here’s the official synopsis:

Newly-famous rocker Bingo Wilkin can’t perform without his lucky dog Rebel, so it’s up to Betty, Veronica, and Jola of Rock Candi to find his beagle and get both their bands on stage before the curtains open!

Get the book now at your local comics shop, bookstore, direct from Archie Comics, or get the digital version on ComiXology!