Suburban Fairy Tales launches on King Features Comics Kingdom today! Here are a few updates regarding the current status and future of the comic strip:

1. In order to introduce new readers to Suburban Fairy Tales, the series will begin on Comics Kingdom with the Pig 3 and Big Bad Wolf Lost at Sea storyline. This was one of my favorite stories and a good jumping on point for new readers!

2. For the next few months I’ll continue to post my favorite older Suburban Fairy Tales comic strips here on social media until the Lost at Sea storyline concludes on Comics Kingdom. I have a lot of older comics to post that many of you have never seen!

3. I’m retroactively making Wolfette the sister of the Big Bad Wolf instead of his cousin. Some of you already thought they were siblings, and I wish I had made them siblings from the start. With my launch on Comics Kingdom, now seems like a good time to fix that mistake. Any past references to Wolfette and Big Bad Wolf being cousins has been changed to brother and sister.

4. If you’re able, please consider subscribing to Comics Kingdom. It helps me and my comic strip tremendously!

5. If you have any questions or comments please share them with me! After years of hard work, this is an exciting time for my comic strip! Thank you all for joining me on this ride!