It’s that time again when the school year ends and summer comics begin.

Starting next week, Suburban Fairy Tales will now be in summer mode.  That doesn’t mean that I’ll update less, it just means that all your favorite characters are moving to the beach.  I always enjoy the summer strips because it gives the strip a change of scenery for two and a half months.

This also happens to be the summer of a new Suburban Fairy Tales book, which is just about complete and ready for printing.  It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since This Little Piggy Gets Even (the last Suburban Fairy Tales book) was published.  The new book, There’s a Frog Prince in my Throat, will be the biggest Suburban Fairy Tales book yet.  It compiles two years worth of strips and clocks in at 115 pages, with eight of those pages being previously unpublished material.

So enjoy the summer while you can because in about a week you’ll start to see all those big, depressing advertisements for the “back to school” sales at your favorite stores.  Yay.  Just what we all want to see in June.