Fans at This Little Piggy Gets Even NY Comic Con really seemed to dig the price point of $10 for the newest Suburban Fairy Tales book, This Little Piggy Gets Even.  The $10 price was quite a bargain considering the online price for the book has always been $13.

Unfortunately there were some people who passed by the Suburban Fairy Tales booth at NY Comic Con and didn’t really discover the comic strip until they got home and read one of those little postcards we were handing out.  So naturally they were bummed that they missed out on picking up the book for the cheaper convention price.  Well I’m here to tell everyone not to worry, because effective immediately This Little Piggy Gets Even is now $9.95!  This price drop is only on Amazon for now, but will soon hit other booksellers such as Barnes & Noble and

Click here to buy This Little Piggy Gets Even for $9.95 from Amazon now!