I’ve got a new story out now in Archie Jumbo Comics Digest # 347! This story stars Sabrina the Teenage Witch as she accidentally unleashes Heartbreaker, the anti-Cupid upon Riverdale on Valentine’s Day! It’s up to her and Jughead to stop him!

This was such a fun, heartwarming story to write. Being that Jughead is the only person who knows that Sabrina’s a witch, having him team up with her to stop Hearbreaker was a treat. Also, while I’ve had Sabrina star in my stories before, this is the first time where she’s the title character!

Featuring amazing art by Holly G, inks by Jim Amash, color by Genn Whitmore, and letters by Jack Morelli!

You can get the book from your local comics shop, bookstore, ComiXology, or directly from Archie Comics!