In case you missed it, I have a story in Betty and Veronica #303 and World of Archie #120, both of which are on sale now either at your local bookstore, comics shop, or digitally on ComiXology. These books came out within the last two months — I just haven’t posted it on my website (I posted it on my social media). Speaking of social media, if you’re not following me there you can find me on Instagram @suburbanfairytales.

I have some upcoming Archie books coming in August and then again this September. I’ll try to keep you updated here on my site when they release, but I’m more diligent about posting them on my social media first!

Below are the descriptions for the two Archie books:

World of Archie #120: In “Beach Party Mystery!” Veronica has invited all of Riverdale High to a party on her father’s private island. Everyone is enjoying the summer fun-until Raj notices that Toni has gone missing! Archie puts on his detective hat and tries to solve the mystery of his missing friend, but will he be able to solve the whodunit?

Betty and Veronica #303: In “A Million Dollars Short,” Veronica realizes that she misplaced her purse, which had a million dollars in it. Betty enlists the help of Cricket O’Dell to use her sense of smell to track down the missing purse. Betty and Veronica follow Cricket throughout Riverdale as she follows her nose towards the scent of the missing money! Will they be able to track down the missing loot?